Fees, air travel, and ideas to help you fund your trip

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Student fees:

Based on an enrollment of 19 students or more (our target is 22 students): $3045

Based on an enrollment of 15-19 students: $3245

Should we have a program with an enrollment below 15 students participants, it would be necessary either to add a supplement to the fee above or to remove some components from the program. AIFS would
discuss these options if this situation arises - but we hope it won't! Invite relatives and friends to go with you and help our 22-student target be reached!

These fees are guaranteed not to change as a result of fluctuations in the currency exchange rate. AIFS will charge a $35 returned check fee on each check returned by the bank for insufficient funds. All payments will be made directly to AIFS.

The fee includes all program components listed here.

See below for ideas to help you fund your trip.



We strongly encourage you to take advantage of the optional transportation package that AIFS is providing for an additional $847 (round-trip flight between Los Angeles and San José; all taxes and fees included). By traveling with the rest of the group, you will make sure that flight delays, if they happen, do not affect your arrival and departure; i.e. there will be only one group transfer in private bus from the airport to the hotel and from the hotel to the airport. If you fly at a different time than everyone else, there is a chance that you will miss these transfers and you may not have on-site support at the airport in case there are missing bags or other problems. To travel with the whole group, you must enroll in the program and notify AIFS by April 19, 2019. 

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Ideas to help you fund this trip:

1) Fill out your FAFSA as soon as possible and discuss your options with a financial aid advisor on campus. Grants and awards from the Financial Aid office do exist, in addition to subsidized loans (which you do not have to be paid back or incur interest until you graduate with a degree) and unsubsidized loans or parent loans (which do have to be paid back starting immediately and will start to incur interest).


2) Apply for scholarships! If you don't apply, you won't win - and, guess what? Many students don't take the time to search for and to apply for scholarships. While some scholarships are specific and won't apply to you or to help you find your study abroad, many can allow you to use funds for that. Take some time to investigate your options and to apply at www.saddleback.edu/fao/Scholarship-Information. Here are some additional resources:

Government-funded Scholarships:

Scholarships for Women:

Scholarships for Minorities:

Community scholarships:

• Check with your local civic clubs/organizations to see if they offer any scholarships
• Some scholarships might require winners to present to the club and/or complete service hours
• Rotary Club
• Kiwanis International
• Veterans of Foreign Wars
• Elks Club
• Moose Lodge
• Masons
• 4-H Club
• American Association of University Women
• Golden Key
• Fraternity and sorority organizations
• Religious organizations


3) Lifestyle changes - some ideas to save or generate money:

  • Buy a coffee maker for home instead of going to coffee shop several times a day
  • Avoid the temptation of buying unnecessarily online (iTunes, Amazon, etc)
  • Set up a “Keep the Change” savings account with your bank
  • Get a part-time job (if not already working)
  • Stop an unhealthy habit (smoking, eating sweets) and put money toward studying abroad in a “Travel Fund” jar
  • Ask families to give you money or travel-related gifts for holidays and birthdays


4) Get to work!

Use your skills and areas of interest to make a bit of extra money for your experience.
• Mow lawns/rake leaves
• Bake sales/yard sale
• Restaurant fundraising
• Babysitting
• Car wash 


5) Use your social network - everyone you know should be aware that you
are going abroad and how they can help to fund you
• Use your cover photo on Facebook to include your funding information
• Include fun facts about the country and city you will be heading to, along with your funding website information
• Let them know how the funds will be used and why their donation makes a difference
• GoFundMe has a lot of examples of study abroad students to see & copy!


Real story: 



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